Furbay Electric Supply Open

Congratulations to Josh Haddad for winning the 2017 Furbay Electric Supply Open held at 77 Colonial Lanes on Sunday March 19th.  He defeated Brandon Novak in the final of an event that saw over 75 people on a very tough shot that paid out the top 20 bowlers. Thanks to Joe Altimore for hosting and running the great event as always. And Dawn Emerson for running the brackets and side action.

The finalists:

  1. Josh Haddad
  2. Brandon Novak
  3. Tyler Meredith
  4. Gary Brobson
  5. Frank Testa
  6. Jason Sollars
  7. Jim Fellows
  8. Brandon Carl
  9. Chris Logan
  10. Jesse Smith
  11. Adam Barta
  12. Kevin Svitak
  13. Bob Eckenrode
  14. Brian Walleen
  15. Richie Yates
  16. Matt Murdick
  17. Tony Wagner
  18. Mark Suchan
  19. Scott Vandergrift
  20. Dave Hardesty