2017 Summer Challenge Sweeper – Week 2

Congratulations to Tim Jones for winning Week 2 of the NEOBowling Summer Challenge Sweeper.  He wins an automatic bid into our end of the season finale.

We had 18 bowlers come out and bowl on the Kegel Statue of Liberty pattern.  The top three bowlers were paid out with the fourth getting a free entry into next week.  Thanks to Jeremy Cottrell and Tracie Dover at Yorktown Lanes for helping us with everything.  We had a lot of fun and look forward to seeing everybody next week.

For event results, please check out: http://www.neobowling.com/2017-summer-sweeper-week-2/

For updated standings, look here: http://www.neobowling.com/2017-summer-sweeper-standings/

*Note*: Unfortunately, our live feed had some problems this week and will not be posted.  Please look for it next week!