2017 Summer Challenge Finale

Congratulations to Antonio Vernon for winning the NEOBowling Summer Challenge Finale.  He took home $1000 after defeating Matt Molzan in the 2 game match play final by a score of 462-452.  Matt defeated Richard Henry 391-390 in the first round while Antonio defeated Dave Marget 500-421.  Dave then defeated Richard 455-444 to take home third place.

We had 19 bowlers came out for four games on the brand new NEOBowling Public Square pattern.  As always, thanks to Jeremy Cottrell and Tracie Dover at Yorktown Lanes for helping us with everything.  We worked with them on their network connections and the live stream ran smoothly.  Also, a big thank you to everybody that came out and bowled this summer.  We really appreciated it!  Keep an eye out for more events coming this Fall and Winter.

For event results, please check here: http://www.neobowling.com/2017-summer-sweeper-finale/